im ACUD. Januar13

die ZONE. Performance Installation

nach STALKER von Андрей Арсеньевич Тарковский und PICKNICK AM WEGESRAND von Аркадий Натанович & Борис Натанович Стругацкий

  public services advisori zentr


  white room

  orange room

  tunnel    golden egg    empty


Harold Kolaas
Stas Bogdanov
Sonja Salkowitsch
Adam Read
Janne Gregor
Wolf Zettleman
Anders Kamp
Nadine Giese

Adam Read  (concept, set design, construction, installation)
Olga Dumova  (costume, set design, installation)
Sacha Kahir  (video installation)
Wolf Dieckmann  (set design, construction, installation)
Anders Kamp  (set design, construction, installation)
Grit Lindau  (sound design, installation)
Daniel Woskresensky  (light design)
Taschari Pipri  (photographer)
Lichtpiraten  (video projection, sound)

  Radiant is a performance, interactive art installation takes the public through different dimensions, awakening various emotions, transcending from different Zones. The project brings together artists who have worked in different fields of performance which accumulates a verbalisation of site specific performance!
  Radiant is a powerful examination of what it is to be human! Zones are places of dark magic and miracles, almost inevitably fatal. Our work explores different spaces that conjuer a happening or an event, leaving an aftermath, using site specific elements of performance we transform public spaces to draw the audience into a world where they can leave there daily routines while at the same time acknowledging them.

  Rezension von Phillip Koch